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Our prices are based on the number of words in the source text.
Please see our FAQs for further information.

We offer two packages: Premium and Premium Plus. The two packages cover all the requirements you may have and are designed to fit your budget.
All translations are done by native speakers translating into their mother tongues and working in their fields of specialisation.


Our Premium package includes translation by a native speaker and our in-house quality control.
This package is our most popular translation option for a wide array of documents, such contracts, minutes, articles of association, product descriptions, questionnaires, annual reports, etc.

Premium PLUS

This is your best option when dealing with demanding and critically important texts. It includes translation + proofreading + in-house quality control. In addition to Premium, this package includes proofreading by an experienced independent translator, guaranteeing that the final translation is both accurate and idiomatic.

We recommend Premium Plus when the material you wish to have translated contains crucial content:

  • complex legal and financial texts
  • public announcements, PR texts, advertising material, brochures
  • highly technical user manuals
  • medical and pharmaceutical texts
  • software translation and localisation